Lands of Blight

Lands of Blight is an action adventure game where you take control of a character that automatically attacks every few seconds, and you need to survive the continuous waves of monsters. Simply walk around the area and attack as many monsters as you can while trying to escape their clutch. You will gain experience and level up as you mow down your countless foes, similar to other rogue-lite and role-playing games. And every time you level up, you unlock a random power that will change how you play the game. Choose which power-up you'll receive as it will have consequences. Strategize your hero's development and make sure you only choose the best powers to help you through the night. There are powers like healing, increased attack power, enlarged hit radius, and even exciting spells such as fireball and lightning strike. Make sure you hit the chests to unlock surprising awards! Can you survive until dawn in Lands of Blight?